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Energy Education provides information about energy, environment and climate to millions of people. To keep providing this independent content we hope to raise $20,000 Canadian to pay student salaries to update and create content. We are seeking donations (even small ones of $5-$20) to help build and maintain the site.

Thank you for the support so far, in March of 2019 we were able to pay for another 5 years of hosting! Now, as part of the Energize: The Campaign for Eyes High, there is a chance your donation of up to $2500 will be matched by the University if it comes in during April 1st – 25th. The matching fund is limited, so please give early in April. Charitable donations above the University of Calgary minimum will receive a tax receipt. Contributed funds go towards supporting the team to create and update pages.

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PS. If you teach a class using this resource, please contact us to tell us; we like to know that we're having an impact, and we'd like to support you. One way to support us is to link to our pages on a blog post. If you aren't a blogger then please consider posting a random page on social media. The more sites that link to our resource, the more visitors we have.