Energy issues affect every aspect of the world, from a global to a personal scale. People want information for a complete and balanced story, but these issues are emotionally and politically charged. A team of scientists from the University of Calgary are putting together this ever-expanding resource to discuss every aspect of energy as objectively as possible.

These topics include everything from smaller-scale issues like improving fuel efficiency to large-scale questions like access to electricity and non-solid fuels around the world.

There's also a fair amount of fundamental science like what electricity is, and where that energy comes from (check out fuels and flows). This resource discusses physics concepts like energy vs power, kinetic energy, and friction.

We have a related project on the chart of the nuclides that is under development.

Authors and Editors

Jordan Hanania, Braden Heffernan, James Jenden, Nathan Lefsrud, Ellen Lloyd, Kailyn Stenhouse, Jasdeep Toor, Jason Donev
Last updated: March 25, 2018
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