Liters per hundred kilometers

Liters per hundred kilometers, or L/100km, is a measurement of fuel consumption, which has an inverse relationship with fuel economy.

Average fuel consumption of new cars in USA

This is a chart of 2017 average fuel consumption for some cars in Canada. All values are in litres per 100 kilometers, and refers to the consumption when cars are driving in the city (highways improve fuel consumption).[1] The Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion is listed at the bottom because it holds the world record for longest trip (best fuel efficiency) on a single tank of gas.[2] It is not sold in North America.

Vehicle type consumption
Toyota Camry (6 cylinder) 11.0
Dodge Caravan 13.7
Volkswagen Jetta 9.4
VW Golf TDI Bluemotion 3.17[2]

It's important to note that the same model will have different values depending on engine type, number of cylinders, and transmission type.[1]


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