Not in my term of office

Not in my term of office, or Not in my election year occasionally referred to as NIMTOO and NIMEY, are an acronyms referring to the habit of elected officials for postponing projects that may be unpopular like a new power plant.[1] This is similar to the often stated 'not on my watch', which politicians use to mean: "as long as I'm in charge, this won't happen". Although Not in my election year refers more to the idea that politicians won't do anything unpopular when the public is thinking about whether or not to vote for them.

These delays can often cause particular difficulty with power plants that would take longer than a politician's elected term under normal circumstances, such as a nuclear power plant or a hydroelectric facility, that often have delays anyhow.

This is related to not in my back yard syndrome (NIMBY) in that both refer to attitudes that lead to non-technical difficulties with new construction. While this could also potentially apply to refurbishment, it rarely does in practice.


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