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The energy education team is made up of Prof. Jason Donev from the University of Calgary and several students. This team works hard to present comprehensive and easy-to-understand information about the science of energy for the public. This resource discusses how much energy is used in different areas of the world and how it's produced. The entire team strives to remain unbiased in giving a broad perspective on energy issues. This website has grown to be an expansive resource, filled with useful and understandable information on energy, covering a wide range of topics.

Our team recognizes the financial support of the University of Calgary Faculty of Science that got this project started. We are also quite grateful to the University of Calgary School of Public Policy and the department of Physics and Astronomy for providing ongoing support to allow this project to continue to grow. In the 2017-2018 school year the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning provided funds to continue the development of this resource.

Our Team

Dr. Jason Donev


Jason Donev is tenured at the University of Calgary, and has received awards for teaching and outreach. Dr. Donev teaches nuclear power, electricity and thermodynamics, the senior project class for energy and a course that introduces issues related to energy to a non-technical audience, affectionately called 'energy for everyone.' Dr. Donev regularly talks with advocates and interested parties all over the political spectrum about various energy issues, especially - but not limited to - nuclear power and climate change. is a major project of Dr. Donev's, and he hopes to continually improve and adapt the site.


Luisa Vargas Suarez

Luisa is a student at the University of Calgary, earning a Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences, concentrating in Energy Science and Chemistry. She is also working towards a minor in Computer Science. Due to her interests in climate change, sustainable resources, and renewable energy, she hopes to work in the renewable energy industry once she graduates. Originally from Bolivia, she is fluent in Spanish. Outside of school and work, Luisa’s hobbies include hiking, reading science fiction, and origami.

Dayna Wiebe

Dayna Wiebe.jpg

Dayna is completing her Bachelor of Science in Natural Science at the University of Calgary. Her interdisciplinary degree integrates energy science, chemistry and sustainability. Her studies involve problem solving, collaboration, research, innovation and a broad understanding of clean energy technology. Dayna has started her career by developing resources for the Energy Education Encyclopedia and as an intern with GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy. These opportunities are preparing her for a future career in clean energy and sustainability. Beyond academia and extra-curricular activities, Dayna enjoys hiking in the Rockies, playing a casual game of tennis, gardening in her backyard and singing in choral ensembles.

Paul Frey

Paul Frey.jpg

Paul completed his Bachelor of Science in Geology with a minor in French in 2016 at the University of Calgary. Switching paths, Paul studied 19th century French science-fiction literature as a graduate in French here at the University of Calgary. He had the incredible opportunity to work as a teacher’s assistant and sessional instructor in French. He taught numerous junior-level courses, which led him to his current passion: teaching. He is currently pursuing an after-degree in Education, specializing in Secondary French. Teaching has inspired Paul to share his experiences with the coming generations. His passions for both language and the sciences are a combined force in the field of Education. Paul aspires to make a difference, like many of the influential figures before him. Paul enjoys hiking, playing sports, reading medieval fantasy, science-fiction, and 19th century literature. You will also find Paul at your local game stores, playing board games and Magic the Gathering.

Sarjana Amin

Sarjana Amin.jpg

Sarjana Amin holds a Bachelor of Science degree, concentrating in Energy Science and Physics, from the University of Calgary. She is currently a Master’s student in Environmental Design, focusing her research on renewable energy in northern Canada. She has a passion for learning about renewable energy, climate change, sustainability and resilience, and environmental conservation. Outside of school and work, Sarjana enjoys dancing, kickboxing, and photography.

Former students

Finley Rogers

Finley Rogers.jpeg

Finley recently completed a Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences, concentrating in Energy Science and Physics at the University of Calgary (UofC). She has recently been accepted at UofC for an after degree in Education, specializing in Elementary French Education. Finley aspires to inspire the minds of future generation and keep the French language alive, like her teachers did. Her passions for languages and science can be combined by completing a science degree prior to an education degree. Finley loves reading, fiddling around with musical instruments, and photography.

Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall completed his Bachelors of Science at Simon Fraser University in 2018 before moving out to Calgary to pursue a Masters degree in hydrology, specifically studying the effectiveness of remediation techniques for urban stormwater runoff in cold climates. He is passionate about scientific literacy and fostering a greater understanding of the natural processes and systems that create the world we live in. He hopes one day to work alongside governments and deliberative bodies to help build evidence-based policies at local and regional scales that can help reduce humanity’s impact on these complex Earth-systems and preserve their resources for future generations to come.

Zach Sumners


Zach Sumners is a student at the University of Calgary, earning a Bachelor's of Science degree in Astrophysics. Growing up in southern rural Alberta has cultivated Zach's interests in the universe for more than a decade. His favorite specializations include space exploration, exoplanetary systems, and stellar phenomena. He is also passionate about scientific discovery, higher learning, and astronomy outreach. Outside of academia, Zach enjoys science fiction novels, socializing with his friends and family, and observing the night sky. In the future, Zach hopes to pursue graduate studies and gain hands-on experience to pursue further scientific knowledge and discovery.

Brodie Yyelland


Brodie Yyelland is a PhD student in Environmental Design with research focused on sustainable neighborhood design. His previous work history includes Energy Analyst with Teck Resources Ltd. and Project Manager with SkyFire Energy Inc. which provided him with a wealth of experience in residential, commercial and rural solar photovoltaic system analysis, design and construction. Brodie holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Saskatchewan, a Master’s of Clean Energy Engineering from the University of British Columbia, and currently sits on the Board of Directors for Emerging Leaders for Solar Energy (ELSE), a Canadian not-for-profit organization focused on solar advocacy, education and professional development.

Bethel Afework

Bethel pic for EE.png

Bethel Afework is a student at the University of Calgary, receiving her degree in Energy Sciences and Communication. She is interested in learning about sustainable resources and carbon low solutions. She believes that solar and nuclear are powerful resources, and wants to communicate these ideas better to the public to move towards a more sustainable future. Bethel enjoys activities like writing poems/songs, playing instruments, swimming and hosting open mic events. After she graduates, she hopes to be an entrepreneur to create spaces for artists, while ensuring these spaces use sustainable techniques and renewable resources.

Celeste Pomerantz


Celeste Pomerantz is completing her Bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Calgary specializing in Sustainable Energy and Geoscience. She hopes her degree can take her in the direction to find more sustainable sources and materials to develop the technology needed to push towards a renewable future. Originally from Squamish, BC. Her personal interests root from the natural environment as she grew up exploring the outdoors. For her studies, her main interests lie in the increasing potential of rechargeable batteries, fuel cells and energy storage systems. Outside of school, Celeste enjoys mountain biking, ski touring and reading science fiction.

Jacqueline Williams

Jacqueline Williams graduated with an honours degree in astrophysics at the University of Calgary in June 2017. She has been part of the Energy Education team since 2014, where she has created data visualizations for the website, worked on the project’s web design, and made tools to help the team organize the 1000+ pages on the website. She also helped develop Energy Education's Chart of the Nuclides project, which is as an educational tool used to help students understand the basics of nuclear physics.

Jordan Hanania


Jordan is a third year Physics student at the University of Calgary. He has been one of two main writers for the website in 2015, exploring topics such as thermodynamics, power plants, and the electrical grid. He has a great passion for the energy sector, and hopes to go into nuclear physics after completing his studies. Outside of physics, Jordan loves to play hockey, video games, and piano.

Kailyn Stenhouse

Kailyn is a third year Physics student at the University of Calgary, and is very passionate about her studies. She has been one of the two main writers for the website in 2015, exploring topics including nuclear energy and the oil and gas sector. After completing her studies, she hopes to go into nuclear physics. Outside of physics she enjoys playing music, video games, and fantasy literature.

James Jenden


James is a fourth year Energy Sciences and Geology student at the University of Calgary. He also has a great love for physics. James has a passion for mountain biking, cooking, and chocolate-covered malt balls. He was the main writer for Energy Education for the summer of 2014, but spent an inordinate amount of time editing.

Ellen Lloyd

Ellen Lloyd Photo.jpg

Ellen Lloyd was a psychology major with cross-curricular interests in energy science. In August 2014 she presented an original research project examining the relationships between personality traits and attitudes towards nuclear power at the Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference. One of the original main content writers and team leads for Energy Education, Ellen has since moved on to the University of Saskatchewan. Outside of school and work, Ellen enjoys volunteering at the Calgary Distress Centre, playing contemporary board games, and flying stunt kites.

Jasi Toor

Jasi Toor.jpg

Jasi Toor was an Energy Science and Business student at the University of Calgary, and one of the original content writers for Jasi has completed and presented many original research projects; most notably, in August 2014, he presented to industry experts about the comparative costs of Coal, Natural Gas, and Nuclear Power (as an alternative) generation in Alberta. Jasi has varying interests in Energy, Medicine and Health, Technology, and Community Engagement. Outside of his classwork Jasi enjoys volunteering in special needs classrooms and disability fitness classes, playing basketball, and exercising.

Brijesh Modha

Brijesh Modha.jpg

Brijesh Modha graduated from the University of Calgary, concentrating in Energy Science and Geoscience. Brijesh wrote for the encyclopedia in 2016, tackling topics on climate change and geoscience. Brijesh has a great passion for the sustainable energy and still continues to learn more about it on a daily basis.

Semaa Amin


Semaa Amin is earning her combined degree in Energy Science and French from the University of Calgary in June 2018. During the summer of 2017, she started translating some of the pages from the Energy Education encyclopedia into French as part of an experimental interdisciplinary course from the French and Energy Science department. For the 2017 CNS conference in Niagara Falls, Semaa created a 3-D model of the Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) to help explain to the public about Canada’s proposed plan of burying spent nuclear fuel in a DGR. Semaa is passionate about promoting clean, sustainable and renewable energy in Canada. After completing her studies, she hopes to pursue an Architecture degree to create innovative building designs that integrates renewable energy while maintaining design aesthetics. Outside of school and work, Semaa enjoys painting, learning new languages and playing basketball.


Gokul Dharan


Gokul is a first year engineering student at the University of Toronto. Becoming a volunteer contributor for Energy Education gave him a valuable opportunity to explore the field of physics and to experience firsthand some of the numerous facets of being a physicist. He's written several articles for

Cody Crewson

Cody is an alumnus of the University of Calgary, and the University of Saskatchewan, with a focus on experimental and nuclear physics. He contribute by sharing technical expertise as necessary. When not spending time in front of a computer he continues to push his cooking skills.

Allison Ketchell Campbell

Allison is a passionate advocate for sustainable energy practices, cooking well, and the Oxford comma. She is a volunteer serving as an editing ninja who makes sure that everyone's punctuation is correct.

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