Agricultural energy use

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Agricultural energy use is what allows farming to create food. Energy use varies tremendously across agriculture so it's necessary to treat the sector as an aggregation rather than being able to drill in specifically.

Note that agricultural energy is considered separately from industrial energy use. However, the IEA (where these data come from) had some countries report data that could be considered either agricultural energy use, or residential energy use in certain developing countries. In these countries the distinction is often hard to make between energy that runs a household and energy that grows food since so many households grow their own food.

The first visualization below shows how much energy is used by agriculture (and what type), relative to residential and commercial energy use, to see this as part of a total, please see energy use by sector. Type in a country name to see an individual country's agricultural energy use. Please be aware that some residential energy use is actually agricultural in developing countries. The pie chart below at the bottom the agricultural energy use by energy type, in other words, everything flowing into commercial in the Sankey diagram, with the ability to look at different years.

This pie chart shows the agricultural energy use as seen flowing into it above. It also includes data too small to be seen in the Sankey diagram, including biofuels, natural gas, heat, and geothermal energy.

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